Dashboard Solution

A Car dealership dashboard is to provide results in real-time and Get Better insights by collecting and extracting valuable information from all the data to trade, buy and sell new or used cars in nz. to understand the status of dealership.

Your Solution To Handle Dealership’s Needs

Our powerful dealer management system DMS increases Independent dealers efficiency and profitability with solutions that track and report on all aspects of your dealership.
Wonderful Dealer Management System DMS Tools That You Need To Use.

Data Analytics

Understanding the auto car Dealership data analytics will help to lead prediction, customer insights, deal pricing and make the right decisions to improve the performance for sale and stay near to customers needs.

Vehicle Listing Management

Our complete dealership management simplify tasks and lead you to manage your stock quick and easily.
Wonderful DMS Tools That You Need To Use
Manage your expenses, increase car sales and expand your brand in Auckland and all NZ.
Data Analysis
Improve your dealership operations and increase sales through JustCar Data Analysis.
Charts and tools will help you to manage your online inventory and measure your profits and costs visually.
Smart Synchronization
Save your time by easy synchronization to TradeMe and AutoTrader.
Manage all your company's relationships with customers and prospects to improve your business relationship.
An email lead you to track customers' request and keep you in touch with them.
Shop Settings
Make a professional online shop near to customers where they will find cars for sales.
Document Viewer
Various PDF documents to check and to download for free .
Our products covers affordable, cost effective solutions that save your time and help you to make efficient decisions.

Flexibility In Website Designing

With justCar, you have the choice of Building an attractive, fast and modern website using various templates that not only for deals display cars for sale online but also For creating your different, unique and own website.

The Traffic Of Your Website Greatly

Targeting buyers with your car dealership’s social media strategy. According to the latest statistics, using social media is a must. Our Social Media Experts provide your audience with relevant content on a consistent basis, allowing you to stay connected to your customers.
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